Queens Gazette: Dromm Honored By Korean Dry Cleaners Association

The Korean Dry Cleaners Association of New York honored Councilmember Daniel Dromm (D-Jackson Heights, Elmhurst) at their recent gala, which was held at Dae Dong Manor in Flushing.

“I thank the Korean Dry Cleaners Association of New York for honoring me at this year’s gala,” said Dromm. “It has been a pleasure to work with the Korean Dry Cleaners Association on many different projects. Particularly pleasing were the workshops on which we collaborated and the collection of coats for the less fortunate. I look forward to working with the Korean Dry Cleaners Association again in the future.”

The Korean Dry Cleaners Association has a long history of advocating on behalf of hundreds of Korean dry cleaning establishments throughout the City of New York. Since 1978, the Korean Dry Cleaners Association has fostered the establishment and growth of small businesses throughout our city. They have assisted these small businesses in every aspect of operating in New York City, ensuring that immigrant entrepreneurs understand and comply with local laws, obtain financing and operate successfully.

Each year since 1989, the Korean Dry Cleaners Association donates thousands of clothing items to New Yorkers in need. Dromm was proud to partner with the association to collect coats for families in need, many of whom reside in the immigrant-rich neighborhoods of Elmhurst and Jackson Heights that make up the council member’s City Council District.  Not long ago, their charitable work reached far beyond the borders of New York City in their massive effort to aid the victims of the catastrophic earthquake in Haiti.

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BanglaNews: Dromm Speaks at Career Development Awards Ceremony

A certificate awarding ceremony of QuickBooks and Career Development training was held at Elmhurst Hospital in New York on Saturday.

The training program was organized by Center for Human Development (CHD-BD) and coordinated as well as conducted by CHD-BD President Monzur Choudhury, also Comptroller of Dominican Province of Saint Joseph-a charitable organization.

In the Certificate ceremony special guest was Daniel Dromm, the local council member.  Badal Hasib (Director of Communication) welcomed all the participants on behalf of the CHD-BD team and introduced Mr. Daniel Dromm to the participants.

In the opening speech Monzur Chowdhury thanked Daniel Dromm for his effortless contribution towards improving the lives of the South Asian Community in Jackson Heights. He also wholeheartedly thanked Mr. Dromm to facilitate the training at Elmhurst Hospital.

Daniel Dromm, in his speech, emphasized the importance of learning and grooming up oneself.

He also said that he has been working hard to improve the lives of South Asian community and their rights. He is working with his party to provide voting rights to the immigrants and requested the participants to come forward and help him achieve his goals for the community.

He added that after his term is over, he likes to see a Bangladeshi person taking up his position as the council man, who will take forward his unfinished works.

He concluded his speech by thanking Bangladeshi community for all their selfless support and selecting him as a council member and time and again reassured all the support from his part.

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StreetsBlog: Ped Plazas in Low-Income Neighborhoods Get $800,000 Boost From Chase

Under cloudy skies this morning at Corona Plaza, elected officials and community members gathered to announce an $800,000 contribution from the JPMorgan Chase Foundation to help fund the upkeep of pedestrian plazas in low-income communities. The funds are going to the Neighborhood Plaza Partnership (NPP), a program of the Horticultural Society of New York that works with merchant associations and non-profits to maintain plazas in neighborhoods including Corona, Jackson Heights, East New York, and Ridgewood.

Noting that JPMorgan Chase chairman Jamie Dimon grew up in Jackson Heights, Dromm said creating plaza space in all of the city’s neighborhoods is a social justice and economic justice issue. “Our communities deserve to have plazas just as much as the communities where there are large corporate sponsors,” he said. Dromm’s staff is already working with merchants around Diversity Plaza to raise money. ”We need to add to the $800,000 for each of the plazas,” he said. “We want people to literally get to buy in to this program.”

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NY1: Queens Advocates Want Voting Rights Extended to Legal Residents

NY1 VIDEO: Lawmakers, including City Council Member Daniel Dromm, and immigration rights groups are rallying to extend voting rights to non-citizens in Jackson Heights.

See more at: http://queens.ny1.com/content/news/196574/queens-advocates-want-voting-rights-extended-to-non-citizens#sthash.lULYXcCI.dpuf

Queens Gazette: Dromm Joins Jackson Heights Beautification Group For Diversity Plaza Clean UP

Councilmember Daniel Dromm joined theJackson Heights Beautification Group and many community members to clean up 74th and 73rd streets and Diversity Plaza on Saturday.

About 30 residents, students and community leaders picked up trash, planted daffodil bulbs and mums in the planters and tree wells and added mulch and compost to the tree wells.

“Keeping our streets and Diversity Plaza, which has become an essential community gathering space, clean is important for insuring a high quality of life for Jackson Heights residents,” Dromm said. “I thank the Jackson HeightsBeautification Group for organizing the event.”

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Streetsblog: Dromm is Elected Official of the Year

Council Member Danny Dromm is our Elected Official of the Year. Note the matching purple accents in the Dromm/Eckerson attire.

Council Member Danny Dromm, stalwart proponent of play streetsplazas, and smarter surface transportation in Jackson Heights, received our award for Elected Official of the Year. And Community Board 16 Chair Bettie Kollock-Wallace accepted the Neighborhood Activism award for her indispensable advocacy, which brought Brownsville’s first bike lanes to fruition.

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DNAinfo: Diwali Should Be an Official School Holiday, Councilman Says

By Katie Honan

JACKSON HEIGHTS — It’s a fight for the festival of lights.

A local councilman is asking the Department of Education to recognize Diwali — a Hindu, Jain, Buddhist and Sikh festival that involves lighting lamps to keep away evil spirits — as an official school holiday off, arguing that tens of thousands of children are now forced to choose between going to school and spending time with their families.

City Councilman Daniel Dromm held a press conference with other elected officials and community members Thursday to demand that the Department of Education designate Diwali as a day off for public school students. The third of the five-day festival falls on Nov. 3 this year, and is the most celebrated day, the councilman explained.

“These students must pick between attending class or spending the day with their families, while students in the Christian and Jewish faiths do not have to make this decision when they celebrate holidays like Rosh Hashana and Christmas,” Dromm said. “There shouldn’t be this discrepancy.”

read more: http://www.dnainfo.com/new-york/20131017/jackson-heights/diwali-should-be-official-school-holiday-councilman-says